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Washing machine contracts disease of department of gynaecology into the female "
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Province disease accuses prevention and cure of central bacterium verminosis and alexipharmic institute director Introduction Liu Hongbin, the contaminative problem inside washing machine chamfer needs to use the cleaner of washing machine chamfer with antiseptic high rate technically to undertake cleanness, achieve the decontamination, result that achieves except bacterium synchronism. Washing clothes moment enters disappear venom is inextricability washing machine of the groovy pollution to clothings. He suggests at least every 3 months should use professional washing machine groovy cleaner washs washing machine, in washing machine the season with use tall frequency should increase more clean a frequency. “ wants to will clean washing machine chamfer to make the clean habit of domesticity regularly, abide by these two respects, washing machine pollutes this thorny issue 2 times sure be readily solved. ”

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