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Dong Ling might: In order to cultivate market of core agency recover
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One sword of “ Guang Han 14 cities ” , ” of bright sword of “ of new power swift and fierce obtained apparent effect. From Dong Ling might only August month sells the sale that exceeds 2 ten million to be able to see as a result, agency and consumer are restoring the confidence of pair of might groups stage by stage. Although power sale in domestic market starts already successfully, it is certain to also got customer of degree approbate, but competition of washing machine industry is intense with each passing day, the brand is spent centrally very tall, how can might rise abruptly again?

Water chestnut might is valued just about east coming washing machine sells busy season and production of put into high gear, sales promotion.

Cong Liangjian spans to what perform a sword-dance

Cannot evasive is, might brand still gets the doubt of the outside: May might obtain renascence really?

Xiang Pinfeng of vise general manager of sale of home of Dong Ling might thinks to this, might washing machine once was famous brand of washing machine king of China, China and well-known logo, also be the one side stand that Guangdong visits, social all circles is very tall to the expectation of might brand. And Dong Ling might is restoring the market in, ability, energy, time is good each respect is put in blemish and inadequacy, below this kind of state, social doubt is inevitable. In the meantime, the doubt of social all circles is replacing might to feel pulse actually, from the angle of society, market, consumer, might of analytic Dong Ling is operating the inadequacy in might brand, offer opinion and proposal, it is meddlesome that this should say.

What be faced with to might brand is actual, might management group is very clear. Dong Ling might is standing vice-president lukewarm scald east will generalize with a word, “ a long march of ten thousand lie we just started, might brand should be done do greatly strong, might person still has very long way to want ” . Might person knows very well, bright sword acts to just shine the sword in the hand to adversary. Dan Liangjian is not a purpose, the first pace that attacks however. The sword shines, be about to perform a sword-dance. So, how to perform a sword-dance, dance what sword, decided might whether market of get the upper hand of of fight the enemy, recover.

Dance removes channel and product benefit sword

The first action that water chestnut might performs a sword-dance east, work dependably namely, will strive for the market and consumer with the action.

Xiang Pinfeng says, to agency, the position with water chestnut consistent might is the interest that maintains agency east, help agency makes money. Only agency made money, agency just is met energetically advocate turn might washing machine, ability can do might strong big. The might brand that shortly of water chestnut might will start east plans 3 years in, with agency the knot synthesizes more close together interest community, urge the construction of core agency system, give aid to energetically have particular area force, operate clarity of train of thought, the agency that is willing to grow jointly with might, the long-term partner that regards Dong Ling as might these companies and core agency will breed, give in the respect such as policy of market promotion, distribute, after service tilt the gender gives aid to. According to Introduction Xiang Pinfeng, might will give aid to in countrywide key a few visit an area, education 3-5 the core that has sold 100 million yuan visits an area, 8-10 the focal point that the sale exceeds 5 ten million visits an area. In the meantime, we will foster 3-5 had sold the top class agency of 50 million, 50 sales exceed the core agency of ten million. The near future, dong Ling might has spread out collaboration with professional design firm, on the base that has trying to find out the real intention in the round to the market, form the products plan system that has might brand color. According to divulging, predict the might XQB6510 that appeared on the market November, “ of true on the technology implementation washs ” one pail, solve what impeller washing machine overcomes very hard to twine a problem, and double impeller, have Gao Xi to be spent completely, no matter the exterior still is a technology,go up, ” of double motivation of can and sea Er “ compares a shoulder. The product of this series will form series in next year second half of the year, main attack home one, 2 class market.
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