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Dong Ling might: In order to cultivate market of core agency recover
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Begin from September 5, personnel of business of 25 branches of whole nation of might washing machine assembles in might headquarters, accept annual of market of loot busy season prewar arouse. It is reported, to be in busy season obtains better sale outstanding achievement, might washing machine regards a key as the vocational training such as promotion of after service, market, the promotion of quality of professional work of personnel of business of aggrandizement bisect company, fight in order to strengthen the market of various market staff ability. Groom after the end, staff of each district market will hurry off to sale forefront, on washing machine market dance removes the sword of “ might ” .

It is reported, washing machine of might of teacher's day “ , give the love ” of Zhongshan teacher passes on an activity to will be started formally on September 8, the activity is set be thankful a large number of favourable projects of teacher, redound teacher, include favourable fulfil to teach, buy give wait for an activity.

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