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Vapour washing machine is luxuriant come on stage market of high end of LG desir
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Yesterday (on September 14, 2006) , LG electron is in Hangzhou high-key released vapour washing machine to be tasted newly, with one action rolls out 6 vapour washing machine. It is reported, this vapour washing machine is produced in LG Nanjing factory. In fact, of this vapour washing machine appearing on the market had been LG electron since this year, the 3rd of product of core domain innovation luxuriant come on stage. Before this, LG also is high-key rolled out chocolate mobile phone and XCANVAS flat TV, this and Korean low-key always and steady style of work extremely do not accord with, the what drug that LG electron sells after all in this calabash? ” of capture of “ of the reporter after the meeting lived LG electron (China) Jiang Taiji of president of sale of limited company home appliance, had a special report to its.

Reporter: LG began whole sale strategy to have apparent change this year, it is the new product that roll out be aimed at high-end market, 2 it is to change low-key in the past color, appear very active, be what reason causes this kind of change?

Jiang Taiji: We enter China more than 10 years to obtained great progress. As last year of high-end strategy carry out, we rolled out contrast to defeat the plasma TV of 10 thousand, artistic air conditioning, TV early or late double open the door products of a series of top class home appliance such as freezer and intelligent drying platen, strengthened its to be in further the appeal force of high-end market. However, we are not contented hereat.

This year, we wait for traditional advantage domain in information communication, black report, white report, put strategy of 3 encyclopedias ball on the product in Chinese market early or late, make pace of ” of strategy of “ La Hai is carried fast. At the beginning of April, chocolate mobile phone takes the lead in mount a horse, with “ sweetness sale ” detonates agitation of “ chocolate ” , for a short while “ loves chocolate You ” to become wide for the catchword that circulate; By August, XCANVAS flat TV is in China land, product application can pause at will, answer the “ that puts spot living broadcast to control time ” function, overturn completely traditional TV watchs way. Do not lie between half moon only, roll out the vapour washing machine that is famous in Euramerican market once more again. This product has the function of ” of “ vapour catharsis of global original creation, it is the washing machine product with Chinese the at present most advanced market. Taste Cong Jie newly clean, healthy, wear away, except knit wait for many sided, implementation “ whole journey caresses ” . In environmental protection respect, compare with common roll washing machine, more those who raised 20 % above is abluent degree, save 44 % with water.

Appear on the market continuously as what these weigh pound form product, we are in China the it may be said of tide of ” of “ La Hai of the market is ablaze and insurgent. This year first half of the year, the sale scale of product of high end of partial product line, record-breaking already broke through 50 % . Product sale hopeful grew 30 % above compared to the same period 2006, at present to was reached 2010 the target of 3 times sale laid solid foundation. All these, with at present Chinese market lasts old low environment of confused home appliance industry, just was formed contrast brightly.
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