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Vapour washing machine is luxuriant come on stage market of high end of LG desir
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Reporter: Well-known, the competition of market of Chinese home appliance is extremely brutal, brutal competition let enterprise of numerous home appliance feel enormous pressure, LG how look upon this problem, how to solve this problem again?

Jiang Taiji: Well-known, successful product does not train successful company certainly, successful company can create the product that gives a success certainly, the success that LG place gains today, you are understandable the innovation that changes for the difference on product function, technology, but more important is us the success on mode of poor dissimilation career is built.

For quite a long time, we are dedicated all the time the innovation on its career mode. New Year beginning, we do business information communication business branch and home appliance above all the branch departs, each career branch is dedicated the high-end product research and development at respective domain, increased to do business of the branch professional. Additional, we are new still Chinese ground division into districts cent is China north, Hua Dong, Hua Na, China on the west, 5 large area undertake northeast centralized management, the key city in each area namely and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang builds big branch system, improving company efficiency while, farther also aggrandizement ability of correspondence of each region market. In the meantime, we urge English study in the round in enterprise interior, strengthened the development communication of the abroad branch with the whole world, drove the confluence of China and global business, in global advantage LG adequately play comes out.

Be the innovation on mode of this kind of career, just let LG be on Lahai's road, each pace goes self-confidently all the more. In selling sale field, can discover, what enterprise of most foreign capital pursues is “ takes creed ” , will from abroad entrance one, product of two high end serves as figure “ to furnish ” , somebody of little delicacy of value fast money make inquires, and the strategy of LG is, high-end product can undertake selling as brunt. When here second vapour washing machine is released, LG has been in 7. Came true on the ” of “ gold capacity of platen of 5 kilograms of this one high end homebred, for this one whole world lead washing machine product serves as home advocate sell a product, offerred prop up strongly.

Reporter: As we have learned, nanjing factory is the exclusive base that besides Korea cadre research and development produces vapour washing machine, is this what to kind of consideration be based on?

Jiang Taiji: LG has numerous manufacturing base in the whole world, include India, Malaysia, still have China of course. LG Nanjing factory is built already 11 years, basis is hit very solidly, and not be onefold manufacturing base any more, also be base of main research and development at the same time, nanjing factory says well and truly should be ministry of a career.
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