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Sea Er holds 16 keys to visit 9 place of city popular model
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Current, company of Zhong Yikang times' newest investigation data shows, july sea Er (600690) washing machine is close to with forehead of overall market branch 35% unplug so that the head prepares, than the 2nd, 3 portion the sum is much still. Among them, july in 10 large popular model, sea Er washing machine is in 12 province, before holding a sale 10 strong medium 8 banquet; 4 province wait in Shandong, Henan, before 10 popular model are undertaken the whole thing by sea Er entirely, showed its cannot the market position of shake.

Analyse the reason of backside of “ popular ” , record than pure number probably more significant. Washing machine of the Er that occupy the sea concerns chief introduction, the technology is sea Er sends success sharp weapon. What compete as home appliance industry at present is intense with each passing day, washing machine market has entered internal force to compare the hour of “ aiguille ” that go all out. Be in especially high-end market, with brand of foreign home appliance straight face competes, the key of victory or defeat depends on needing the technical advantage of dissimilation. Long-term since, be developed in the technology besides sea Er and throw on figure construction bigger besides, most enterprise basically does not have what materiality investment, bring about enterprise of Chinese washing machine to follow all the time on new product development family, lack is active model innovate, product competition ability is weaker. On the other hand, traditional homebred washing machine is built in brand image especially on international brand construction, be in the condition of “ do-nothing ” for a long time, bring about consumer to be opposite the acknowledge of card of home made product, in staying for a long time in “ low end on the inherent impression of product ” .

Notable is, in recent years, fall hard in the enterprise that is a delegate with sea Er, this one phenomenon is being turned round. The market share that sea Er washing machine rises with be being climbed ceaselessly, created the situation with good profit for card of home made product.

Pull the final power to make decisions that uses market share to depend on consumer. Newest investigation shows, begin first half of the year from 2005, chinese washing machine consumes demand to canning afford ” to transform to the ” of “ try to win sb's favor from “ , accordingly, consumer pays attention to brand image and character more on the choice of the product, a good brand image is the first power that consumer buys. Image of brand of high end of fixed position of sea Er washing machine, help the promotion that used integral brand with high end.

The sea Er that owns 32 technologies patent need not washing powder washing machine, use original creation electroanalysis principle and activated water technology, through decomposing water into alkalescent ion, achieve the abluent result of prep above washing powder. Realizing clothings easily clean, caress cutaneous at the same time, electroanalysis the ionic water that come out is OKer and antiseptic disinfection, antiseptic disinfection rate achieves 99 % , every months with sales volume the amplitude of 6 times, become the market quickly to be bestowed favor on newly.
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