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Washing machine market is stronger " abluent rate "
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When water of afterwards section report, section, section later, the competitive central point with washing machine latter market aimed at ” of “ abluent rate again. Recently, below the pine, sea Er each are big the new fund washing machine that manufacturer rolls out a batch to sell a dot ” for “ with ” of “ abluent rate in succession. The personage inside course of study thinks, the occurrence of concept of ” of “ abluent rate, show market competition is in washing machine to be returned to to use source from notional hype.

By Chinese home appliance group of associated survey task drafts " consumer of Chinese city washing machine used habit and satisfaction to spend investigation and study 2006 " show, since the closest period of time, each big production manufacturer rolls out the washing machine that with “ abluent rate ” is fascia to be tasted newly in succession. If loosen,the “ fiber of the ” of “ water magic square of the ” of “ double motivation of Er of the “ bubble clean ” below, sea, cygnet, TCL washs ” to wait, and these all call “ each alone door secret implement the new idea of ” , highlight without an other place emphasize abluent rate, what taste tall abluent function newly as these is the biggest sell a site.

The core function of “ washing machine wants the bilge on scour off clothings namely, quality of ” country electric home appliances<gj is supervised examine department head Lu Jianguo says central washing machine, judge clothings whether the main index that washs clean is abluent rate. Level of state of washing machine function sets, the abluent rate numerical value of washing machine should not is less than 0. 7. Abluent rate numerical value is lower, show catharsis effect jumps over difference.

Wugaohan expresses deputy secretary-general of Chinese consumer society, the core function of washing machine the focus that abluent rate should be manufacturer attention. Have production according to national level and industry standard, just set the postulate of an eligible product for the enterprise. The company cannot stop on level of a foundation only, and the use environment that should improve consumer further through design of research and development and use advantage sex.

Manufacturer of numerous washing machine already discovered this one difficult problem and send force contend in succession. The pine fell to join generator of bubble of peculiar device —— technically a few days ago inside washing machine, can make washing powder dissolves adequately; Sea Er is in more than 100 cities of countrywide, on 1000 sell begin “ at the same time need not spot of ” of washing powder washing machine experiences an activity, let him consumer experience those who do not have washing powder washing machine is abluent; TCL washs depth of fiber of ” technology development with “ fiber, achieve deep-seated decontamination wash clothes the effect.
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