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Demand of market of domestic platen washing machine presents increase sharply st
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The State Council develops the investigation that group of task of home appliance of institute of economy of research center market announces recently to show, consumer of city of prospective our country appears to rise situation quickly to the market demand of platen washing machine, predict the demand 2006 will achieve 2.6 million. At the same time the high capacity, high-end platen washing machine that has stoving function predicts to will make market central point.

This investigation still makes clear, compare with traditional impeller washing machine, brand of platen washing machine is spent centrally taller, only the market share that sea Er held 40% above.

The data shows, full automatic impeller washing machine still holds dominant position in market of domestic washing machine up to now, portion is achieved first half of the year this year 55.9% . But the development rate of platen washing machine is very rapid, current market is had rate had achieved 14.5% .

The State Council that directs this survey develops wave of Liu Ren of vice director of institute of economy of research center market to introduce to the reporter, high-end platen washing machine had made market favorite 2005, below the well-known trademark dominant such as sea Er, Xi Menzi, LG, wash machine of dry an organic whole to had become a force that washing machine market cannot ignore, begin to be accepted by more and more consumer place.

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