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Washing machine industry to push new low-carbon energy industry leading indicato
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Recently, the theme of "fine example of living green washing," the washing machine "wash ratio" press conference held in Beijing, including the United States Department's Little Swan, Midea both received the first "Star of 2010 washing machine washing," the honorary title. It is reported that the conference was sponsored by the Institute and Beijing Gome Home Appliances co-organized with the aim to promote the machine industry and toward a more precise, energy-saving and efficient direction, washing machine industry as a whole to promote change.

"Rinse rate" threshold into a new washing machine industry

According to the China Academy of stakeholders appliances, the "rinse rate" reflects the concentration of detergent in the alkaline substances (ie alkalinity) changes. Consumers can be informed directly to rinse the rate of the purchase value of the washing machine detergent removal capacity, which according to the amount of detergent added to select the appropriate wash program, add detergent and more will have to increase the number of rinsing, you can add as little as reduce the number of rinsing, the real use of water, electricity. The value of the level of rinse rate will be the consumer to buy an important basis for high-end washing machine.

In response, industry sources said that the introduction of rinse efficiency standards will effectively improve the access threshold for washing machine industry, R & D capability of enterprises put forward higher requirements. In R & D products, by changing the water, spin speed, rinse and other means to increase the number of rinsing effect, and washed through the express wash rate capability to display products. As long as consumers see the rate of identification affixed to rinse the washing machine, you can quickly determine which washing machine washing powder washing capacity and residual volume, and guide consumers to the rational use of washing machines, to achieve maximum water, electricity, really do a model of green living.

Little Swan continuous innovation to lead the first "pass"

As the world's largest manufacturers of professional washing machines, small washing machine Swan has 30 years of development history, not only has the state-level enterprise technical centers and laboratories certified by the state, but also an international leader in inverter technology, intelligent drive control, structural design and industrial Washing core technology design.

It is understood that the Little Swan Washing Machine Total 14 products (including 11 drum section) to excellent performance through the first rinse rate detection, accounting for the rate of detection of all products by rinsing the total number of about 1 / 4, is by detecting one of the largest number of products.

Experts say small businesses represented by Swa n to further improve the industry through technological barriers and accelerate industry-wide rate of technological innovation, on the washing machine industry and technological upgrading of China play a positive role in promoting the washing machine manufacturing technology from the "clean" to " wash good "upgrade, and fully meet consumer demand for washing.

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