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The third quarter of 2010 of the washing machine market research report
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Into 2010, China rapidly changing market structure washing machine, roller, the proportion of large-capacity washing machines soared concern, wool washing, frequency, rinsing rate become the new hot market. Market to high-end, large capacity Amount of direction, the drum washing machine market price has declined markedly. Internet consumer research center launched ZDC third quarter of 2010 concern about China's washing machine market research report: Executive Summary ● the third quarter, the washing machine market is Haier, Siemens, United States Department of the three pillars of potential. ● the first half of the U.S. Department of relying on cheap brands increased by leaps and bounds in the third quarter after weak. ● Haier, Siemens, United States Department of the three camps occupied most concerned about the washing machine market users 10 products list. ● The third quarter continued to increase the proportion of washing machine concern, in September over Washing Machine. ● the third quarter, 5 kg and 6 kg was significantly increased attention to the washing machine, and 5 kg capacity washing machine small decline in the proportion concerned. ● 2000 yuan decline in the proportion of low-end market focus, 2001-section of 3,000 yuan price ratio of the product concerned about the significant increase in the third quarter. ● drum washing machine market price decreased significantly in the third quarter, in September dropped compared with July of 207 yuan. First, the brand awareness of Haier washing machine market is now, Siemens, United States Department of the three pillars of Although the first half of the United States took the lead in the drum washing machine market launched a price war, then some of the brand also entered the fray, but the industry leader Haier always adhere to its brand line, adhere to the high-end market development strategy . Siemens has long been an advocate and the backbone of the drum washing machine, washing machine drum in the popularity of this year's Battle of Siemens also one of the most important role. United States Department of camp, Little Swan, Midea and Rongshida obviously different brand positioning, etc., covering high school low-end market, the joint stronger. The United States and in the end of March 2010 launched the first low-cost 1499 yuan drum washing machines, Changes opened the washing machine off the market, this year the United States Department of the brand in the washing machine market, an encouraging result. China's washing machine market in the third quarter, Haier 35.5% of the obvious advantages to lead the washing machine market; followed by Siemens and Little Swan, the proportion is closer to the brand concerned; the U.S. Department of standings with the other two brands are Name. Haier, Siemens and beauty concerns, Department of the cumulative proportion of the three camps reached 70%, the formation of three pillars. After the United States Department of the brand power of less than China's washing machine market in the third quarter, Little Swan brand beauty concerns ranked higher than the previous quarter, the proportion dropped one in the second quarter to bring the market price shock wave weakened, after the weak. Siemens relationship Note risen significantly in the third quarter reached 14.1%, compared with the previous quarter increase of 2.5%.
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