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Hefei Sanyo: Localization of international brands to promote washing machine co
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Points of access to alternative investments, washing machines, washing machines industry growth acceleration we believe that the upgrading of the industry gradually into the main driver of growth in the industry. Rural areas, impeller replacement cylinder; cities, the trend of drum replacement impeller have been established. We also optimistic about the advantages of a variable frequency energy and water saving washing machine on the fixed-frequency alternative. The promotion of alternative upgrade, we believe that washing machine industry is expected to show accelerated growth next year. Frequency strategy the company will accelerate the company's core strategy as the product of frequency. Nangang Industrial Park with the commissioning of mechanical and electrical, the company has annual output of 200 million variable frequency motor ability. The company successfully developed in the frequency of the motor allows the company to strengthen the upstream control, popularized in the frequency of washing machines has first mover advantage. According to the plan, the company next year, drum washing machine will be fully realized frequency of, Washing Machine will have a frequency of about half realized, a conservative calculation of frequency of washing machines next year's production company will be 130 million units. Variable washing machine will help promote the consolidated gross profit margin levels remain high.
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