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London with a "soil washing" clean up 2.5 million tons toxic soil
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2012 London Olympic Games will be held in Stratford East London. The area was heavy industry, suffered a century of serious pollution, as the Olympic Games, the London Government conducted a complex engineering world has ever seen - 250 million tons of soil and site clean backfill. British officials in charge of the project on "Global Times" reporter that in the past two centuries, the British have failed to solve the pollution problems of East London, the Olympic Games to the 280 hectares of waste land a regeneration opportunity. Stratford was a heavy industrial base, industrial production in the region, the soil is thorium, radium and other radioactive substances and arsenic, lead, naphthalene and other toxic substances pollution, while the region was also the London landfill. Until 2007, this area was a garbage and abandoned buildings to be occupied sites. The world exists in all industrial countries to clean up heavy metal contaminated land issues. The high cost of drug treatment of soil, so often ignored, or be transported to more remote areas of the whole archive has been used as waste storage, as potential sources of pollution. London cleaning soil contaminated mainly by the UK Environment Agency and the London Olympic Delivery Authority organization. To clean up toxic soil, the City of London for the 3000 field survey many times, and finally developed a cleaning program in place. First, the land the building will be demolished on the need to clean the surrounding soil were transferred to the four processing centers, clean technology, including "soil washing", "soil stabilization" and "biological treatment" and so on. According to reports, every piece of contaminated soil will be thoroughly clean, toxic soil is dug, the soil brought into a giant "washing machine", the first separate out the sand and gravel, and then washed to extract the pollutants. After that, the "washing machine" with a large electromagnet separate out heavy metals. After cleaning the soil to go through rigorous laboratory testing to assess its cleanliness. After that some procedures, soil full recovery, "clean and safe" standards before they can be backfilled into borrow areas. According to reports, cleaning the soil even if a child had accidentally swallowed it will not matter. Toxic soil in situ cleaning, eliminating the transport cost and environmentally friendly. Currently, there are already 150 million tons of soil is in-place cleaning, of which 90% of the soil again after the clean backfill. The demolition of abandoned buildings from local materials are mostly re-used in the construction of the park. Today, the Olympic Park venue has been taking shape. UK Environment Agency spokesman told the "Global Times" reporter, the Government of the Olympics in London the opportunity for the East London "cosmetic", re-use, light pollution close to 280 hectares of industrial land. British "sustainable development action," the head of McCarthy, said in the past two centuries, the British did not allow East London "regeneration", the Olympics will make East London and rejuvenate.
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