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Platen washing machine will enter Yilaikesi again Chinese market
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Recently, assume office the Yilaikesi of half an year (China) Li Yan of president of electric equipment limited company accepted reporter special report. She discloses, chinese area achieved the growth of two digit in the management outstanding achievement first quarter, laikesi has returned the working Yi that comes through this half an year the true path of gain, and accelerating rate.

She discloses, platen washing machine will enter Yilaikesi afresh Chinese market. It is reported, yilaikesi ever produced washing machine in China, it is the technology that introduces world-class later, closed the product line that is in China again. Reduced the washing machine stocks that produces in China last year. Recently, the goes out newly vapour that Yilaikesi begins a sale to be imported from Europe irons platen washing machine controls when very hot dryer and N class. In addition, yilaikesi establishs pyroelectricity plant in Hangzhou, produce the electric cooking stove that Europe designs for Australian market, besides annul mix toward Australia beyond New Zealand, the electric cooking stove of the glass of pottery and porcelain that its produce will infiltrate in this summer American market.

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