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Sale of tradition of Pakistan of change of sea Er washing machine is off-season
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The summer saves dimensional limit to design Ranghaier to create sale miracle

Yesterday (on June 19, 2008) , the Qingdao June appears gradually after rain sultry weather. And be in Pakistan, began the weather of high temperature from April. The sale that washing machine is a tradition in this kind of weather is off-season. However, the group of Pakistan of sea Er washing machine adapts however this is mensurable: Be in what just go April, sea Er washing machine creates sales volume to grow the miracle of 230% compared to the same period in Kalaji.

Have 150 million dollar the Pakistan of potential market resembles topping Mount Everest is same beside her, to yearning challenge, for the Hai Erren that likes limit asking a vessel, nowhere is not full of temptation. And industry of local home appliance is lagging, be equivalent to the century on China only the level of 80 time, ab extra to any brand will tell, it is the cake of a be envious making a person. The ground of too impatient to wait of group of sea Er washing machine that sees an opportunity takes the product of model of a few sell like hot cakes Pakistan sale. But, the product that sells well in home originally resembles is “ natural environment refuses to obey ” is general, be immersed in sale predicament for a time.

So the Pakistan card at the beginning of April pulls strange air temperature to had risen suddenly to 35C, most agency adjusts main storefront to air conditioning and freezer to undertake revealing, what washing machine sale had entered a tradition is off-season. Face dilemma, hai Erren is crestfallen without. Sun Xinliang of manager of product of Pakistan of sea Er washing machine tells “ to salesperson and agency the case that ” of small small prodigy levers ” of “ market aperture, make everybody sturdy the belief that “ has off-season thought to do not have off-season market ” only.

Be in Pakistan, the Kalaji, Lageer, sales volume that helps made of baked clay Er taste this 3 big cities should occupy 50% above of the whole nation, it is the strategic area that the brand competes. Card pulls strange dweller to exceed 10 million, population height is concentrated, often be one everybody child in an unit that the person pushs in block of flats, the area of housing of average per capita of average household is in 16 the left and right sides that make the same score rice. Group of sea Er place walks in the home in local dweller, hearing most voice is: In Home “ too crowded, if have volume small wash clothes much washing machine is good ” .

What consumer often comes from the person that expend at brand offset to the faithfulness of the brand is contented. Sea Er captured the demand with the most extensive Pakistani, the concept —— that offerred ultimate design falls in the case with washing machine particular external dimension, accomplish catharsis space, capacity the biggest. Very fast, the most welcome washing machine is made in ultrathin product of Kalajihaier. One bought sea Er the user of 12 kilograms washing machine, the sea Er place that tells him the home comes to visit says when the group: “ uses the other trademark washing machine that pass in the home before, control one year bad, repaired a few times repeatedly. Pass the friend's introduction and TV advertising understanding later, the attraction with the good public praise of sea Er washing machine and ultimate design deep concept we, then we bought washing machine of present Er of this Taiwan Strait, already a year many, without any problems. ”
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