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Toshiba rolls out the platen that visit water to wash machine of dry an organic
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Toshiba electric home appliances<gj rolls out rolling-type to wash “Hybrid Drum TW-200VF” of machine of dry an organic whole.

This washing machine matchs function of stock shower affusion. As a result of platen from in outside arriving, can be in haul while undertake affusion, because of this unit time clean ability to raise about 10 % than this firm original model, clean time to also shorten. Through providing shower function, can make water is permeated completely undertake cleaning while the dress is medium, because this is returned,can cut down considerably every time water consumption.

Through using dry when do not damage the heater of the dress controls temperature, the shrink that can restrain the dress and attaint.
The price is open mode, predicting retail price is left and right sides of 200 thousand yen. The first ten days of a month appeared on the market in November.

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