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Xia Pu will be in Indonesian build washing machine product line
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Japanese media reports: Xia Pu announces into Jiang Shihao's president, except produce freezer product line inside year can augment 2 times beyond, factory of Indonesia of summerly general washing machine invests construction to plan to already also was made clear. Invest 40 billion Indonesian rupee (Indonesian aegis) build washing machine product line to divulge into river president Xiapu is Indonesian this year total investment will achieve 140 billion Indonesian rupee. Among them 100 billion Indonesian rupee is used at casting to build a new freezer product line, produce the market demand of can contented constant growth in order to expand. Freezer of factory of summerly general Indonesia is produced can criterion hopeful from produce per year 700 thousand at present to expand 2 times increase 1.4 million.
Additionally 40 billion Indonesian rupee is used at transforming to produced workshop, equipment as a result of the frequency product with market dim prospect this year in Feburary, guide afresh washing machine product line. The hopeful of product line of double crock washing machine that predicts to 650 thousand are produced per year before the end of the year this year is formal put into production.
Xiapu is Indonesian 8 years sale predicts branch for 3.8 million Indonesian rupee, the corresponding period grows 1.3 times, in order to exceed a trade average increase rate (1.2~1.25 times) the level keeps times higher fast growth, among them television product sale is occupied than achieving 40% above.
The sale objective setting of Indonesian branch next year is Xiapu 4 million are Indonesian rupee, exceed 25 % to serve as struggling target with overall market share. Join river president criterion 09 year praise for “ Xia Pu) Indonesian home appliance (TV, freezer, washing machine) ” of the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, the market goal that translates one time to sale of liquid crystal TV is confident.

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