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Big house is international standard surely without lotion washing machine
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On June 11 message, according to Korea media coverage, by KYUNGWON ENTERPRIS development, the “ that big house electron commercializes his is adopted to be international standard without ” of lotion washing machine.
Ministry of Korea knowledge economy expresses 11 days, in the meeting of standardization of international of domain of electric home appliances
Do not use without lotion washing machine wash clothes with synthetic lotion, put sodium carbonate the electron to decompose the environmental protection washing machine that catharsis has in device however, already rolled out average washing machine and rolling-type washing machine now two kinds of model.

In addition, KYUNGWON ENTERPRIS develops without lotion clean water implement also be adopted to be international standard, this product does not use lotion, decompose the tap water translate into with will common unit through the electron the besmirch that alkalescent water can use clear wash up, vegetable, fruit and nice spare parts to go up, and still have antiseptic effect.

The personage inside course of study introduces, sea Er is pushed in domestic and international force all the time before this need not the washing machine of washing powder, be in position of trade of many cities key is wide make ad, the investment that spreads to the market from research and development cannot call not quite. This the relevant technology of big house electron is decided to be international standard, be opposite in future likely the relevant product of sea Er brings concussion, make of sea Er need not the washing machine of washing powder falls into awkward condition.

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