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China will soon enter the "Washing Machine Age"
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5 years ago, it is difficult to imagine flat panel TV would "fly into the homes of ordinary people"; now, the sun has shone into reality. If someone says Washing Machine Washing Machine will soon be replaced by ordinary consumers into the family, would you believe it? This was exactly what the next washing machine coming era. Today's washing machine market, with color TV market after 2004 is very similar to that time, although the CRT TV is still the mainstream product, but the LCD TV to show aggressive posture, the average annual growth rate of more than 30%, the CRT position eroded bit by bit . Today, flat-panel TV to dominate the world, it is the LCD over the past 6 years The result of high growth markets. Today, China's washing machine market, although still pulsator main drum of the impeller erosion of the market, has demonstrated quite clearly. The data best for themselves. In 2006, China's washing machine is about 5.95 million units sold, accounting for 17% of total sales volume of washing machines; 2008, the drum to increase the percentage of total sales to 24%; 2009, this number has become 30%. This year is a year of rapid drum, because the United States, and Siemens have been down drum prices, the formation of stimulating effect on the market, sales surge in sales once accounted for 45% red, the proportion of annual sales is expected to reach 40%. It is estimated that since 2005, the drum washing machine is about 30% average annual growth rate, and the current popularity of LCD TVs to the growth rate of almost. From this we can predict that in 2013 China formally entered the latest era of drum, a drum washing machine will be fully than most Beilun Kingpin models. The rise of China is not accidental drum. And the impeller than roller obvious advantages: low wear clothing, not easy to wound, water, clean and high, and even can be used to wash wool, cashmere and silk, wool type fabric, which is unable to complete the task of pulsator . It is reported that Haier, a large drum called the Casa Imperial double washing machines, and even roses can be washed without causing any harm, very suitable for high-grade fabric washing. Therefore, the drum washing machine washing machine which has been regarded as high-end products. In addition, the drum washing machine specific heating function, can effectively activate the activity of enzymes in washing powder, washing full decontamination effectiveness, using the results are obvious in winter. Because small water, water-saving and environmental performance is better. Another point is the drum washing machine of life is generally 15-20 years, while the impeller is generally 8-12 years, the roller than the average life expectancy of about 7 years impeller. Drum washing machine business technology accumulation is not bad. Still Haier, for example, the introduction of its first production line is the Italian Meiluo Ni washing machine drum washing machine. Since the last century until the 1990s to 2005, the drum washing machine is not fast development in China, one of the more expensive models, consumers can not afford; two of its unique drainage system, not in line with the Chinese lifestyle. With China's sustained economic development, rapid increase in consumer purchasing power, coupled with improving local design drum washing machine since 2005, the drum into the consumer significantly speeding up the family. May 2010, the United States as a rising star washing machine, a drum washing machine prices will be lowered to 1,500 yuan or less at once, in 2002, TCL will be a plasma TV from five million level similar to straight down to thirty thousand. Pressure by the price war, price wars have always been conservative Siemens no longer sit still hesitate to put down the worth involved. Objectively speaking, this is the washing machine to spread the driving force. It is resistance against the trend can not see the drum, drum washing machine companies have increased production capacity. December 2008, Haier invested 60 million yuan to expand production bases in Shunde, the plant has expanded the annual production capacity drum washing machine 100 million units. October 2009, the United States to spend 600 million yuan to build Little Swan Industrial Park, the new washing machine capacity of 300 million units. In the same year in September, an additional $ 70,000,000 investment in Siemens washing machine factory in Nanjing, with an annual capacity of more than 80 million units drum. Others such as Galanz, Hisense Whirlpool, have different amount of investment. Can say that the washing machine drum into the era of the internal and external conditions are increasingly ripe. Can be predicted, the era of drum washing machine, washing machine market in China will inevitably affect the pattern formation. Which brand will become the future leader in the era drum? Will there be a new pattern similar to plate the same time? In this regard, the industry generally that: the future pattern will show the washing machine "change in stability," the pattern: as Haier, Siemens such traditional strong brand will continue to lead, while the United States of this new army will rise rapidly. In other words, the final winner must be deeply rooted in technology and brand companies, the use of simple price war to curry favor with consumers, is not enough.
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