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LG washing machine defending the first in Asia
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Recently, in the "1000 Asia Brand 2010" in the selected activities, LG washing machine once again successfully defended his consecutive 3- year field in the selection of the washing machine market in Asia ranked first name. Consumer demands for market insight and keen grasp of industry trends, is the LG washing machine can always occupy a major factor in the market. And more importantly, LG emerging technology also has a strong and can be Continuous innovation. Recalling the development of the global technology industry, the history of washing machines, LG Electronics are the first to get involved in the development, production and use of DD direct drive inverter motor manufacturers, the technology also has more than 30 invention patents. Time To today, DD direct drive washing machine motor has become a high-end product "standard." Starting from the first quarter of 2007, LG washing machine for 7 reelected U.S. market the first quarter of the throne, continued to maintain the first and the sales volume in North America first "double." In early 2010, LG also for the Country family tradition laundry habits, the introduction of the original, both smart and clothing fine delicate care of hand washing efficacy - LG Cherish six wash. Super cleaning effect in achieving the same time, also taking into account the care for the clothing itself . LG washing machine enumerating the advent of these core innovations, are all in the market triggered a strong shock, and lead the development of a new washing machine and change the industry. Meanwhile, with the extensive application of these innovative technologies and Universal, LG washing machine is also a step by step as more and more Chinese consumers to create a more relaxed and comfortable high quality of life.
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