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Qiu Dong washs clothes inclined platen depreciates in the round below good helpe
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Since platen tilting to appear on the market oneself below the pine, with its distinctive outward appearance makes the central point that broad consumer pays close attention to. Compare with traditional platen washing machine, inclined platen washing machine will inside the bucket tilts 20 degrees, of convenient clothings take put, need not bow greatly every time, reduce lumbar burden; Additional, clever use banking angle to spend, substantially section water.

Alpha series tilts before in continuance type style, convenient on the foundation that type exterior designs, used course of study solely inside head the frequency conversion of DUAL-DD30 magnetic pole that push is straight drive electric machinery, make electric machinery is reduced with n 45% , abluent and even rate promotes 38% ; Meanwhile, the light that still enabled global initiate uses the silver-colored technology that eliminate bacterium, through developing hydroxyl (•OH) silver is ionic (the double might eliminating bacterium of Ag ) , make eliminate bacterium more complete, make the life more healthy, safer.

Now, washing machine of platen of the inclined below the pine depreciated in the round, fall highest achieve 1000 yuan, interested friend mights as well go selling experience one servent sex to change what the design brings to wash clothes revolution.


Use luxurious white outward appearance, elegance is easy and match very easily with other furniture. Chromatic LED displays screen, let wash clothes process no longer as dry as a chip. Bolt the switch of type is designed, convenient operation. Special set infant safety switch, protect children security truly. Because tilt,design additionally, natural fall unloads drain off water, need not install redundant water pump, also reduce noise, let wash clothes quieter.

Functional respect, this XQG60-V61GW below the pine has 6 kilograms catharsis capacity, offerred “ cotton to wash cotton of ” , “ by force at the same time ” of old other people of common ” , “ abb ” , “ , “ exceeds a variety of orders such as fast ” , suit the catharsis of different and phyletic clothings. Additional, offer 24 hours to make an appointment reach odd time to show, use peak cereal phone effectively, province report save worry.

The pine issues XQG60-V61GW
Produce category rolling-type
Catharsis capacity 6Kg
Dehydration capacity 6Kg
Swing 500-1200 of dry dehydrate speed to turn
Water is warm choose 90 ℃
Wash clothes program 9 catharsis program
Inside canister material stainless steel
Indication screen LED
The appearance designs washing machine of platen of argent exterior cant
Exterior dimension 664*653*1030mm
Product weight 84Kg
Catharsis of bubble of other parameter intelligence

The editor comments on: The XQG60-V61GW below this pine has 6 kilograms catharsis and dehydration capacity, sufficient already dealt with
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