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Abluent degree taller! Washing machine of impeller of the sell like hot cakes be
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Since very long period of time, reelect after all about impeller and platen which, people is vexed all the time, each hold oneself see. Actually, no matter impeller washing machine still is platen washing machine, all have distinguishing feature each, specific choose and buy which kind of main still basises from already domestic circumstance, press habits and customs and economic condition choice. But if be opposite of clothings abluent degree of demand is high, edit washing machine of impeller of proposal choose and buy. Today, below small make up it is what the near future sells a few times most impeller washing machine of fire, interested friend mights as well go selling look.

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Flourish thing amounts to water tornado XPB70-802S

Flourish thing amounts to washing machine of XPB70-802S of this impeller type, it is a when flourish thing amounts to water tornado series classical model, the appearance uses grayish design, sedate do not break again lively; The surface uses ooze zinc board double-faced and multilayer spray paint, strong and durable drop lacquer not easily. Additional, in using Europe type style, high back of a chair exceeds wide Control Panel, accord with human body labour to learn a principle, the operation is designed more human nature is changed. Those who be worth an organic whole is, base uses complete model to seal a design, protect airframe interior effectively.

Functional respect, this washing machine uses energy-saving design, water of more effective province omits report. Jing Yin is designed, let wash clothes more follow one's inclinations. Those who be worth an organic whole is, use gush to drench design, those who wash is cleaner those who float is more complete.

Flourish thing amounts to XPB70-802S
Produce category impeller type
Catharsis capacity 7Kg
Dehydration capacity 7Kg
Exceed Jing Yin to support
Exterior dimension 970×750×450mm
Energy-saving design of other parameter *
* ABS material
* wide voltage is designed
* complete model seals base
* Jing Yin is designed
* wash out undertakes apart

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