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The golden week guides buy: Be worth commendatory impeller washing machine
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Last, introduced a few to everybody small the platen washing machine that invents an individual to think to be worth to recommend, this, recommend washing machine of a few impeller to everybody then. Still be that word, authority is become cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions.

SamSung XQB60-G86

Technology of the bucket inside the diamond of SamSung gets all the time since appear on the market the favour of broad consumer, now, brand-new the SamSung impeller XQB60-G86 that appear on the market also used this technology, more effective protection clothing and other articles of daily use, thorough catharsis.

On the exterior, use argent with tango red collocation, atmosphere is shown fully in vogue, use high quality toughened glass window, wear-resisting, prevent cut, the ply of 4mm fights weigh, use for a long time still can maintain tall diaphaneity, have high-ranked imperial concubine more on paper of decorative pattern appear vividly, add artistic flavor. Make washing machine is pure home appliance no longer however an artwork.

On the function, be worth what carry is, used design of the bucket inside the diamond that SamSung innovates, compared with the bucket inside the tradition, reduced the amount of dehydration aperture and size not only, and dehydration sky designs bucket surface sunken part inside, when high speed dehydrate clothings surface won't squash because of dehydration aperture be out of shape, clothings wear rate is reduced amount to 50% above. Additional, uneven inside bucket surface, make current collides each other, form puissant and irregular catharsis current, improve the abluent result of clothings effectively.

This XQB60-G86 still has silver-colored ionic and healthy system, can make clothings more abiding and pure and fresh, return the fungus of breed of body of bucket of OK and effective resistance, reduced the rate that bucket body is polluted greatly, assure safety and health. Additional, let what the basis needs clothings of proper motion set the user is OK from program function immerse, time of catharsis, dehydrate and full frequency, can combine with intelligent program use, realized personalized catharsis.

SamSung XQB60-G86
Produce category impeller type
Catharsis capacity 6Kg
Make an appointment time 3-18 hour
Wash clothes program level is washed, wash quickly, 5 paces exceed clean to wash, big are washed, abb is washed, gentleness is washed, motion immerses, children is washed, only catharsis, odd full, odd dehydrate
Main function immerses catharsis full dehydrate
Inside canister material stainless steel
Water level 8 paragraphs
Safety lock Tong Suo
Indication screen LED
Odd time shows
Make mistake show
The appearance designs upper cover color: Warm up?
Casing color:  ?
Exterior dimension 540*565*900mm
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