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Foreign brand is substantial also: Day Han fastens concentration of overflow was
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What new very much brand rolls out autumn this year is new taste washing machine, all breaks costly rule, day Han fastens even impressional of consistent high price giving a person the brand not exceptional also. If the pine issues the set of inclined platen large window that rolls out recently, whole department is less than the price of 5000, broke the price with inclined consistent platen firm ice. Below, small make up it is everybody collect Han of 4 overflow day is brand washing machine, interested friend mights as well look together.

New fund appears on the market the XQG52-V52NW below the pine

Keyword: Human nature changes price of design tall sex to compare

Below the pine today autumn go up in the foundation of inclined platen, rolled out large window series, continued the human nature of inclined platen changes a design, and broke the high price of inclined platen firm ice, be worth to recommend.

On the exterior, still be inclined platen, just tilt angle became 10° from 20° , again what the unexpectedly changed people to be weighed again greatly namely to platen washing machine is old have knowledge, while implementation minor volume changes economic space, still but embedded installation, with the household of the person that use the design forms whole to feel, make high quality feeling and grade feel perfect union. 11° tilts go up buy type Control Panel, more human nature is changed, convenient operation.

Exceed big transparent plane door, observe catharsis condition be clear at a glance. Below condition of catharsis of blame high temperature, but open plane door, make increase washing or classify catharsis to become a possibility. The canister inside the catharsis of 48cm, make washing gets be extendinged adequately, high concentration bubble more integral ground permeates fabric fiber in, make abluent degree rise substantially.

On the function, on the function, used the omnibus catharsis means that innovates below the pine, high concentration bubble is washed even gush drip washing agitate of the loop inside the canister is washed Wen Shui is caressed wash, perfect implementation catharsis is cleaner, catharsis is more effective. Reach national 6A level at the same time, character is worth to trust. Additional, its high temperature eliminates bacterium program is will healthy catharsis undertakes after all more.

The editor comments on: This pine issues large window XQG52-V52NW, have fashionable appearance, the catharsis capacity of 5.2kg, multinomial human nature changes a design, additional, can effect comparing reachs 1 level, more energy-saving.

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