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Taste newly gather together appear on the market each brand tastes washing machi
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Enter autumn, each brand is grabbing market of beach washing machine, taste newly gather together appear on the market. Small make up an individual to feel, new the product that appear on the market pays attention to human nature to change a design more on the function, the large window series that rolls out recently below the pine for example, improved banking angle to spend again on the foundation of inclined platen, make airframe more cabinet; Cygnet is actualer be in abluent fuller than fluctuation time, with be as high as 1.18 abluent than turning up one's nose at a large number of heroes.

Below, small make up detailed introduce a few to everybody new the washing machine that appear on the market, see them after all where extraordinary.

Actualer cygnet XQG60-1066EL

What 1.18 is as high as with its since series of thin platen of fine of series of cygnet garment Nuo appears on the market oneself is abluent finer than mixing figure is conspicuous, on the exterior, still in the adoption of the quadrature in compasses is complete white is linear model modelling, the sense that gives a person before with cygnet is same. LED number intelligence displays screen, the understanding that makes you OK and clear washs clothes process. Additional, raise type opens the door on, take put clothing and other articles of daily use more convenient. And the airframe ply that uses 440mm only, help space of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting of life of more of your leave out.

Be worth what carry is, each its high strenth carry class fittings on the head. Casing uses data of high grade radiation-proof anticorrosion, through test of the multiple test that splash water; The bucket is used outside high temperature resistant data of stronger PP Bo fine, fourfold and waterproof structure is designed, life is longer; The door glass of French ARC, high temperature resistant concussion is fought corrode; Leather belt of much wedge of flexibility of type of French Hutchinson an organic whole, flexibility is stronger, prevent transmission system to skid, transmit electric machinery power effectively. Prolong washing machine service life effectively.

On the function, this series is the oldest selling a site is his those who be as high as 1.18 is abluent than, use enzymatic active catharsis, puissant decontamination; Bacterium of curb of 95 ℃ high temperature, will healthy catharsis falls to real point. Additional, high speed dehydrate, exceed clean full, achieve efficient rinse. The high temperature of 95 ℃ from clean, exceed clean automatic gush to drench system, help you thoroughly clean washing machine, do not have remain without bubble.

In the meantime, multistage water level adjustment, a variety of catharsis program set, aleatoric choice is appropriate and different fabrics, different wash clothes of the quantity wash clothes plan. Additional, buy the clothes immediately, prevent very hot cover, cut off the power memory, Tong Suo, wait for more to wash clothes detail helps somebody attain his aim for you consideration.
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