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Low also has good thing 3000 yuan of washing machine are handpick
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All the time since, everybody thinks price petty gain cannot buy good thing for certain, now, small make up should tell you “no! ” . Below, give everybody introduction a few overflow washing machine that the paragraph controls 3000 yuan, when be interested look.

Abluent stop XQS60-828 of series of sea Er limbo namely

Once series of ” of limbo of sea Er “ rolls out the market since, got with its are powerful and practical function the favour of broad consumer. Now, series of “ limbo ” has depreciated in the round, this XQS60-828 price is 3080 yuan only, be worth to recommend.

The “ that the characteristic with this the oldest product used initiate of Hai Ershi bound namely is abluent stop ” technology namely, this technology always can feel the cloudy change degree of the water inside the bucket, the washing machine after the dress is abluent stops automatically. Compare traditional washing machine, user operation is more simple, need to be pressed gently only, start wash clothes program, washing machine is OK oneself ponder over full operation independently.

On the exterior, this product was used argent the collocation with pink, sedate do not break again lively, air gives fully in vogue. Exceed big indication screen, let wash clothes process be clear at a glance. Accord with what person physical strength learns to design to go up buy type operates face plate, the operation is convenient.

Additional, this product has 6 kilograms catharsis capacity and dehydration capacity, the catharsis of absolutely can contented most family asks.

Sea Er XQS60-828
Produce category impeller type
Catharsis capacity 6.0Kg
Dehydration capacity 6.0Kg
220V/50HZ of rated power consumption
Do garment function support
Indication screen LCD
Exterior dimension 520*540*900mm
Means of catharsis of double motivation of other characteristic *
* big liquid crystal displays screen
* from program function
Function of running water of * ad hoc
* takes airing function oneself
* is distinctive abluent stop a technology namely

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