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October suits the washing machine of newly-married family to comment on fall
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Believe a lot of new personality are in wedding day surely fall October. Marry, home appliance is indispensable of course, washing machine should be Chongzhongzhi to weigh more. Below, small the washing machine that invents the new people that decorates new home for preparation to recommend a few instant Shang Youshi to use.
Temperament of Cheng Tang grain is distinctive: LG WD-A12209DM

On the exterior, this WD-A12209DM uses cardinal belt to have the chromatic face plate that fills Tang Wen, match with linear model design, fashionable move is very, the home that suits contemporary family very much fits a style. The LCD of 80*42mm displays screen, make you OK and relaxed the palm controls catharsis process. The new residence that believes this machine can be you surely increases one point beautiful beautiful scenery.

LG WD-A12209DM

Functional respect, this machine is the oldest selling a site is vapour catharsis, make you relaxed do calm drape, comfortable wash clothes. Additional, compare with traditional catharsis means photograph, vapour catharsis used high temperature, tall wet vapour to raise the temperature inside the bucket, saved heat the electric power of a large number of cold water. Also changed cook washed catharsis kind with a large number of hot water, utmost ground decreases with water.

Catharsis capacity

Stoving capacity

Swing dry dehydrate speed

Water lukewarm choice
Cold water / 30/40/60/95 ℃

Make an appointment time

Stoving chooses
Time / puissant / standard / iron very hot / microtherm

Indication screen

Appearance design
Cardinal (fill Tang Wen)

LG WD-A12209DM parameter

Besides, the system of intelligent boiler circulation with banner whole world, fluid of catharsis of will high concentration and high temperature vapour undertake gush drenchs at the same time, double gush drenchs process of perforative and whole catharsis, fiber of clothing and other articles of daily use of development of high temperature vapour, fluid of thoroughly deliquescent catharsis while surface layer of effective purify clothings and deep-seated besmirch. The vapour with ejective ” of system of “ intelligence boiler circulation can permeate every corner of clothings, make clothings fiber nature is extended, go knitting more anti-creasing.

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