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Washing machine of platen of fashionable and energy-saving low price is recommen
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Now nowadays, platen washing machine because exterior vogue, protective clothings effect is good more and more get the favour of people. In traditional impression, platen often is high-end pronoun, but go up actually, manufacturer to satisfy need not user group the product that demand rolled out a lot of low price, those who let you spend Qianbuduo to be able to enjoy platen washing machine to bring you is brand-new experience. Below, recommend the platen of a few low price to everybody.
LG WD-N80108

LG WD-N80108 introduces popular white fuselage, elegance experts to be spent with the collocation of other furniture very tall also. Its 5.2 kilograms catharsis capacity enough is contented mostly domestic demand. The dehydration rotate speed of this washing machine is 4 archives, dimension size is 6600*440*850.

Price of this washing machine sex is higher, still have advanced cloth to measure perceptive function especially, weight of clothings of OK and automatic perception chooses the most appropriate time for washing, more when the province, energy-saving. Function of its power cut compensation also is not ordinary person sex to change, namely in catharsis process if unexpected power failure, the system still can press original catharsis program catharsis after the incoming telegram, very convenient.

This washing machine has a few catharsis programs and fast catharsis program, can undertake choosing according to different need of the individual. In addition, this washing machine still is had immerse catharsis, make an appointment catharsis, Tong Suo, anti-creasing wait for a function, the operation rises to go to the lavatory exceedingly.

LG WD-N80108 basic parameter
Produce category rolling-type
Catharsis capacity 5.2Kg
Dehydration capacity 5.2Kg
Swing 400/800 of dry dehydrate speed to turn / cent
Cold water of water lukewarm choice / 30/40/60/95 ℃
Make an appointment time 3-19H

Parameter of LG WD-N80108 function
Safety lock Tong Suo
Indication screen LED

Parameter of LG WD-N80108 appearance
The appearance designs white
Exterior dimension 600*440*850mm

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