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New appear on the market of washing machine new technical the function is commen
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Enter autumn, each brand is grabbing market of beach washing machine, taste newly gather together appear on the market. Small make up an individual to feel, new the product that appear on the market pays attention to human nature to change a design more on the function, the large window series that rolls out recently below the pine for example, improved banking angle to spend again on the foundation of inclined platen, make airframe more cabinet; Cygnet is actualer be in abluent fuller than fluctuation time, with be as high as 1.18 abluent than turning up one's nose at a large number of heroes.

Below, small make up detailed introduce a few to everybody new the washing machine that appear on the market, see them after all where extraordinary.

More human pine issues large window XQG52-V52XS

Series of inclined platen large window already appeared on the market in the round. Large window series bought the following designs newly again on the foundation of inclined platen, make its more human nature is changed, let wash clothes to become from now on enjoy. One, exceed big transparent plane door, observe catharsis condition be clear at a glance. Below condition of catharsis of blame high temperature, but open plane door, make increase washing or classify catharsis to become a possibility. 2, the canister inside the catharsis of 48cm, make washing gets be extendinged adequately, high concentration bubble more integral ground permeates fabric fiber in, make abluent degree rise substantially. 3, the inclined face plate of 11° , the pose that makes platen washing machine also can stand naturally is comfortable operation. 4, especially big touch-tone plane door, the person that let use stretchs his hand can press, press gently leave namely.

XQG52-V52XS of platen series large window tilts below the pine

On the exterior, this XQG52-V52XS follow design style of Songxiayiguan, the airframe of silver grey color is decorous and easy; Fore-and-aft big span arc is designed, accumulate the bounce feeling that contains sensibility to abound. Additional, this series is clever rake of ground general platen from 20° instead 10° , again what the unexpectedly changed people to be weighed again greatly namely to platen washing machine is old have knowledge, while implementation minor volume changes economic space, still but embedded installation, with the household of the person that use the design forms whole to feel, make high quality feeling and grade feel perfect union. Exceed big LCD liquid crystal to display screen, make you OK and relaxed the palm accuses to wash clothes process.

XQG52-V52XS of platen series large window tilts below the pine

On the function, used the omnibus catharsis means that innovates below the pine, high concentration bubble is washed even gush drip washing agitate of the loop inside the canister is washed Wen Shui is caressed wash, perfect implementation catharsis is cleaner, catharsis is more effective.
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