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Use the issue that the attention needs when washing machine catharsis daily
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Recently, the investigation that a magazine makes to females of 1500 the ” after “80 shows England, a lot of new females had new happy index, regard the husband that the job, family and a meeting wash the dress as 3 happy main essential factor.
Look so, want to do a good husband in new female eye, so certain that learn to wash the dress first. Washing the dress now of course basically is washing machine did sth for sb, if you do not know washing machine to wash the knowledge that the dress and health concern,do not pass, you still are not a competent “ to wash clothes male ” .

Before before long, institute of Japanese Osaka environment undertakes to washing machine of 153 family expenses special detect discovery, washing machine is the grow virgin soil of mould: The interior of washing machine moisture, it is the breeding ground with progenitive mould. After mould comes up against water, release a spore, adherent go up in clothings. Wash clothes the time is more, the mould spore on the dress is more. Although these bacteria won't cause big disease, but cause local skin disease easily. Consider to confirm, in last few years increase of number of allergy of skin agnail, skin and washing machine have very big concern.

Experts of department of gynaecology also are anxious, although do not have specific data to show disease of department of gynaecology and washing machine pollute the connection between at present, but in outpatient service, often some are innocent suffer from on the female of mould sex vaginitis, have to let a person think of the 2 pollution problem of washing machine.

Accordingly, want to avoid the washing machine harm to health, one avoid puts washing machine in damp, airtight space, and should put its in ventilated, bright place; 2 avoid every time catharsis is over washing machine is shut to build on clothings wheeler, and should open its 2 to 3 hours, make washing machine ventilated dehumidify; Garment of 3 avoid inside and outside is not divided, underwear and coat part of one's job open catharsis, in order to reduce the alternate pollution of the dress; 4 avoid washing machine is long-term not clean, washing machine chamfer had better want 3 months to be cleaned.

Of course, the knowledge of above is opposite only husband people say, virtuous ladies also should understand.

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