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The health that has antiseptic function washing machine is recommended
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As corporeal level rise ceaselessly, people pays attention to healthy problem more and more, the user that more buys washing machine puts healthy catharsis in the first, below, small make up with respect to collect the takes antiseptic function washing machine that heat compares to sell on market, interested friend does not want to miss.
WD8122CVC of silver-colored ionic and antiseptic SamSung

This product exterior uses the port of type of an organic whole of toughened glass, provide the Oriental verve figure of characteristic alone, gorgeous to the beauty, air of natural and graceful. Decorative pattern is details with the manual embroidery of Chinese tradition, the butterfly of indicative happiness and happy life has dance lightly, the lasting appeal of culture and costly wind Fan Rong are an organic whole, gift vogue of SamSung washing machine, air, showily wonderful temperament.

SamSung WD8122CVC

On the function, the characteristic with this the oldest product sets silver-colored ionic generator inside washing machine namely, in catharsis process electric explanation gives off one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two 4 dissolve the silver at cold water is ionic, undertake to clothings antiseptic with curb bacterium, its are antiseptic all can achieve 99.9% above with curb bacterium rate, and distinctive sirocco is pure and fresh technology, make you relaxed enjoy healthy life.

SamSung WD8122CVC

The canister used design of the canister inside the diamond that SamSung innovates inside, comprehensive and clean clothings while, gentleness caresses you treasure, make you all enjoy high quality life. Rhombic dehydrate aperture is designed, brunt of effective alleviation current, reduce clothings loss effectively.

In addition, this machine has the exceeds big catharsis capacity and 6kg stoving capacity of 12kg, like that you can face all clothings easily. Additional, the major of SamSung is decreased brace up technology, outstanding settlement shake the question with noise, like that you are troubled for noise no longer.

SamSung WD8122CVC basic parameter

Produce category rolling-type
Catharsis capacity 12Kg
Swing dry dehydrate speed to avoid dehydration / 400/800/1000/1200 turns / cent
Stoving capacity 6Kg
Cold water of water lukewarm choice / 30/40/60/95 ℃
Make an appointment time 0~19 hour
Wash clothes program full dehydration 1~5 second
The standard is washed, wash quickly, abb is washed, big are washed, towel is washed, cleanness of strong drying, weak drying, canister, only catharsis, odd full, odd dehydrate, odd catchment
Inside the canister inside canister material diamond
Parameter of SamSung WD8122CVC function

Fight fungus silver-colored ion to fight bacterium
Exceed Jing Yin to support
Safety lock Tong Suo
Indication screen LED
Parameter of SamSung WD8122CVC appearance
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