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The price is more alluring inclined platen of large window of the V52 below the
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8 of dynamic years 11 golden weeks are in of everybody times heavy curtain fell in getting attention, break through below the influence that tourism accumulates action in dispersive holiday new tall, and the home appliance market that regards the golden week as another consumption heat as much extraordinary splendour confused is shown, market of platen washing machine still maintains the momentum that flourishing sells, among them, substantial price adds excellent performance, upright platen washing machine is the golden week rises the share with the fastest, the heaviest deal as before in.

As we have learned, this year in upright platen washing machine is in have type of partial high end before on the foundation of add function, emphasize the style that highlighted a product to change the outward appearance, among them, what roll out before 11 ” of the “ below the pine is new taste washing machine of platen of inclined of series of ——V52 large window, regard the “ vogue of industry of platen washing machine as spokesman ” , attracted quite the eyeball of one part consumer.

Occupy introduction of the member that sell a sales promotion, this year, have quite one part consumer appears not quite exacting how high-end technology, however preference machine vogue is beautiful, use convenient, it is with young gens especially most, among them, washing machine of the platen below the pine tastes series of —— large window newly to be paid close attention to by many users.

On the exterior, washing machine of platen of large window of the XQG52-V52XS below the pine is held to before bend inclined exterior designs inclined platen washing machine, airframe line is fluent, of 43.3CM exceed large window design, make take not only put clothing and other articles of daily use more convenient, be clear at a glance masters the catharsis state inside platen, and also let this washing machine look more fashionable. The airframe of silver grey color is decorous and easy; Fore-and-aft big span arc is designed, accumulate the bounce feeling that contains sensibility to abound.

Additional, this series is clever rake of ground general platen from 20° instead 10° , again what the unexpectedly changed people to be weighed again greatly namely to platen washing machine is old have knowledge, while implementation minor volume changes economic space, still but embedded installation, with the household of the person that use the design forms whole to feel, make high quality feeling and grade feel perfect union. Exceed big LCD liquid crystal to display screen, make you OK and relaxed the palm accuses to wash clothes process.

On the function, used the omnibus catharsis means that innovates below the pine, high concentration bubble is washed even gush drip washing agitate of the loop inside the canister is washed Wen Shui is caressed wash, perfect implementation catharsis is cleaner, catharsis is more effective.
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