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Taste newly fall will raid XQG72-L802BHW of arrogant of 3 ocean day
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Autumn arrives, people does his washing more and more support washing machine, period rolls out each gold that big firm also holds this sale to be tasted newly. The pine passes to fall to everybody introduction before, of the brand such as cygnet, 3 ocean taste newly. Today, small a when write the day arrogant series that introduces 3 ocean to be rolled out recently to everybody again taste XQG72-L802BHW newly, experience what high-tech brings to wash clothes together revolution.

On the exterior, lily is clipper-built design, expert simply and all show high elegance, of 15° inclined open the door design, of convenient clothings take put, ease lumbar pressure effectively. Exceed big liquid crystal to display screen, whole journey shows catharsis state, all show its high and costly.

XQG72-L802BHW of arrogant of 3 ocean day sells a fact to pat

On the function, this type is the largest selling a site is its distinctive air is washed eliminate bacterium, below anhydrous condition, inside the bucket is dormant, can realize ozone to divide function of peculiar smell, disinfection. This machine is set wash standard, blanket, quickly, the program of 10 groovy catharsis such as abb, still set additionally from program function, let you undertake personalized catharsis after all.

XQG72-L802BHW of arrogant of 3 ocean day operates face plate

The respect is washed in health, this also have good performance, unique eject formula divides bubble, in full process but the bubble purify bucket mouth remains is clean, accomplish health to wash truly, without remain; Still set a tub at the same time from clean function, remove the trouble back at home that you wash clothes.

In the meantime, still can adjust dehydration revolution, because “ garment ” makes appropriate,accomplish truly. Helix of drying of condensation type dehumidify, Archimedes is washed, multistage heat, the function such as the water that discharge incomplete, help you solve all washing clothes to trouble, let you wash clothes as lying fallow.

The editor comments on: XQG72-L802BHW of arrogant of day of this 3 ocean, exterior vogue, use artificial intelligence faintness to control. Abluent than achieving 1, can effect comparing reachs 1 level, overall for more energy-saving. Additional, of 7.2kg exceed big catharsis capacity, enough also the catharsis that deals with big clothings. The referenced price of this machine is at present 7498, interested friend mights as well go selling experience fall.

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