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Shock of washing machine of Hei Zunjue of Euramerican wind Bo Shishang appears o
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Recently, rich world was rolled out in Shanghai shock 2008 year master piece, shang Hei • product of whole set of honour the rank of nobility, make Bo Shicheng is take the lead in “ east the brand of Euramerican home appliance that concept of Xi Yun ” brings affection market of Chinese home appliance.

Still black unrest is in home of Europe United States to grow in intensity in recent years, because black is its inherent nobility, elegant, inside collect and contracted idiosyncratic, suffer fully in fashionable bound not only chase after hold in both hands, more stylist of report of rich old and well-known family is brought • of “ Shang Hei is rolled out in domain of ” of home appliance of traditional “ white the originality of series of ” of honour the rank of nobility is inspirational. The household harmony that as it happens of thought of this one design catered to Chinese tradition watchs —— kitchen to live in the border of medium igneous flourishing therefore, the black of water is belonged to in the five elements, be the nature that compose establishs harmony of household the five elements anthology.

This WVG24566TI is Shang Hei • in product of whole department of honour the rank of nobility, washing machine exceeds fast an admiral model of 15, below, let our It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. , visit its distinctive office.

On the exterior, need not say more, the complete black of high elegance is linear modelling, exceed big LCD to display screen, all show costly and decorous.

On the function, 15 minutes exceed wash a program quickly, accomplish easily along with change along with wash, still set 7 to wash a program quickly at the same time, make you complete expend “say Goodbye” with the exalted water and electricity in summer. Still set iron strong catharsis, easily, avoid the many individuation program such as catchment. Still set the garment to measure self check, bubble self check, breakdown self check and intelligence additionally lopsided detect, remove the trouble back at home that you wash clothes.

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