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High-end washing machine becomes the alpha below parvenu pine to sell well
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A few days ago, platen washing machine already entered new sale busy season, from “ 11 ” golden week looks, not only do not have fall after a rise of price of come true the beginning of the year forecast, still lifted the consumptive climax of washing machine of a high end instead. Show according to selling a relevant data, 11 during, high-end platen washing machine presents more hopeful sale state, the high-end platen washing machine such as platen obtained the LUXURII aesthetic of Er of washing machine of washing machine of platen of inclined of series of the alpha below the pine, platen of the canister inside ” of SamSung “ diamond, sea arrogant person outstanding achievement.

To this, deputy secretary-general of Chen Gang of association of Chinese electric home appliances
Face high-end washing machine this one market, each washing machine makes an enterprise do not wish to abandon, all rolled out the high-end platen product of high additional value. According to Hangzhou the research below the pine develops central Lin Yibin to introduce: Series of the alpha below the pine tilts before in continuance on foundation of type exterior design, used course of study solely inside head the frequency conversion of DUAL-DD30 magnetic pole that push is straight drive electric machinery, make electric machinery is reduced with n 45% , abluent and even rate promotes 38% ; Meanwhile, the light that still enabled global initiate uses the silver-colored technology that eliminate bacterium, through developing hydroxyl (•OH) silver-colored ion (Ag ) the double might that eliminate bacterium, make eliminate bacterium more complete, the life is more healthy, safer.

In exterior respect, washing machine of platen of inclined of series of the alpha below the pine uses clipper-built design; Colour respect, argent and luxurious airframe, style is lavish, reveal aristocratic temperament. Functional respect, the α that managed the innovation below the pine is washed, abluent and even rate rises 38% ; Issue the α type drying of original creation with the pine with fortune, clothings drying is evener, intelligence does the garment, the user can choose stoving time by him experience freedom. D some uses silver-colored function solely, double and antiseptic, let you live more set one's mind at.
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