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Minor volume benefit and Pu Qianyi WFC1052CW sells only 3250
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This WFC1052CW is benefit and one of series of ” of ease of riverside “ fine, on the exterior, use white linear model modelling, concise vogue and easy as tie-in as other furniture photograph. Be worth what carry is it the ply of mere 444mm, deserve to go up again the catharsis capacity of 5.2kg, saying to go up is minor volume has great wisdom, the friend that can say living space is little brought good news.

Additional, this machine stems from the consideration that controls cost to display screen without the setting. But the clew that indicator light still can be clear about the catharsis condition with your current washing machine, a bit is not affected use.

Benefit and riverside WFC1052CW exterior

On the function, the abb that installed attestation of international Wool Secretarian is washed, the hand is washed, essence of life is flexible wash, fight bacterium to wash, wash daily (50 minutes) , wash quickly (30 minutes) wait for program of 14 kinds of groovy catharsis, help you answer the clothings fabrics of numerous and complicated easily. Still set choice of career of protection of intelligence of the 6th feeling, dehydrate at the same time, caress the clothing and other articles of daily use with your flexible charming effectively.

Benefit and riverside WFC1052CW
Series of ease of fine of range of products
Produce category rolling-type
Catharsis capacity 5.2Kg
Swing dry dehydrate speed 1000 turn / minute
Cold water of water lukewarm choice comes 95 ℃
Appearance design is white
Exterior dimension 595×444×850mm
Other parameter abb is washed (attestation of international Wool Secretarian)
The hand is washed
Essence of life is flexible wash
Complete cotton is washed
Chemical fibber is washed
Fight bacterium catharsis
Wash beforehand
Puissant full
Gentle dehydrate
Iron easily wash
Anti-creasing wash
Economy is washed
Wash daily (50 minutes)
Wash quickly (30 minutes)
Intelligence of the 6th feeling is washed protect
Moving condition shows
Safe indicator light
Set again
Intelligent clew
Dehydration speed chooses
Fight UV

The editor comments on: This benefit and Pu Qianyi WFC1052CW, the bulk of 595×444×850mm deserves to go up the catharsis capacity of 5.2kg, make you OK and complete leave “ platen, it is not easy to want to say to love you the time of ” . Additional, how old setting of 14 groovy catharsis program, because “ garment ” makes appropriate,accomplish truly. Additional, present price is 3250, sexual price is higher, be worth to recommend.

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