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Cheaper pine issues XQB65-Q651U to fall continuously after the section 200
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This XQB65-Q651U is one of old washing machine of the impeller below the pine, the catharsis capacity of 6.5kg, enough deals with a curtain, be overspread to wait for large-scale clothing and other articles of daily use.

On the exterior, the white that uses a convention is linear model design, coping matchs with gray transparent lid, appear decorous and easy already can observe washing machine runs state at any time again. Use Japan to import tall light of double lens face the bucket inside stainless steel inclined muscle, raise dehydration rate, clean force is more powerful. Bottom uses plastic and moistureproof base, rust not easily. Efficient model of type of cycle of the TMM below Jing Yin motor, pine seals electric machinery, energy-saving quiet, let you can wash clothes at any time and do not have trouble back at home.

On the function, peculiar stereo rub triple wave annulus 4 chute current, catharsis is cleaner and twine not easily, protect clothings effectively. Peculiar “ essence washs ” program, caress the dress material with soft charming, take you to break away from a hand to wash a times thoroughly. Additional, OK still from program, wash clothes to be spent freely taller. 24 hours make an appointment catharsis, can use peak cereal phone effectively, save worry save labour be economical.

Be worth what carry is, pail of its dry function, wash clothings to be pressed gently every time, prevent 2 washing machine pollution to clothings effectively.

The pine issues XQB65-Q651U
Produce category impeller type
Catharsis capacity 6.5Kg
Catharsis power 410W
Dehydration power 220W
Inside canister material stainless steel
Other parameter * is abluent than: 0.81
* can effect grade: 2

The editor comments on: This pine issues XQB65-Q651U of old washing machine, the even when the exterior is practical, catharsis function is powerful. Additional, still used efficient model of type of cycle of the TMM below Jing Yin motor and pine to seal electric machinery, make you OK wash clothes at any time, need not fear noise crosses big trouble again civilian.

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