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Value! Sea Er XQG60 - HTD1068 sells 5699 yuan only
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Sea Er XQG60 - HTD1068 is beauty of sea Er sunshine the popular model in washing series of machine of dry an organic whole, get since appear on the market the favour of broad consumer, now, this product has 5699 yuan only in price of member of the store on sea Er net, very overflow, interested friend looks together.

On the exterior, beauty of sunshine of this sea Er if really deserve the reputations one enjoys, complete white is linear appearance, simple and fashionable, deserve to go up additionally operation face plate of black, more appear elegant and easy. Additional, of this washing machine open the door angle achieves 180 degrees to deserve to go up the large window of 338mm, of convenient clothings take put.

Sea Er XQG60 - HTD1068 exterior

On the function, the characteristic with this the oldest product is its feel a function automatically, the user puts clothing and other articles of daily use washing machine inside, it can pass intelligent electron inductor, feel clothings weight accurately, show data accurately screen to go up; Still can accurate process designing, its technique of 6 big responses can be mathematical set washs clothes 6 big parameter, accomplish both neither to be able to overload, won't waste again; Additional, its garment doing stops a function namely, automatic perception clothings does wet level, clothings worked, stop stoving automatically, avoided time drying, what carbonado clothings is too dry, or carbonado not dry circumstance, effectively hunger caresses clothings, the save labour when the province energy-saving.

Sea Er XQG60 - HTD1068 sells a fact to pat

On catharsis program, set the program of 7 big groovy catharsis such as cotton, cashmere, real silk, additionally stoving means also has a level, iron very hot, antiseptic program of 3 kinds of drying can offer an alternative. Besides, its intelligent error correction, , intelligence cuts off the power, radiation-proof, intelligence prevents speed of temperature of intelligent cut off the water supply, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence excessive water 6 great protection, attentive caress clothings to ensure family does not suffer enroach on at the same time.

Black of sea Er XQG60-HTD1068
Beauty of sunshine of range of products- - block series automatically
Produce category rolling-type
Catharsis capacity 6Kg
Dehydration capacity 6Kg
Swing dry dehydrate speed 1000 turn / cent
Stoving capacity 3Kg
Make an appointment time 24
Wash clothes program continous, chemical fibber, cashmere, real silk, sheet is washed, sheet floats, sheet is swung etc
Means of 3 kinds of drying offers an alternative: Standard drying / iron very hot drying / antiseptic drying
Water heats power 1700W
Catharsis power 350W
Dehydration power 450W
Do garment function support
Safety lock Tong Suo
Indication screen VFD
The appearance designs white
Exterior dimension 595×590×850mm
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