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MG70-1205BF of beautiful new Pin Yishang grabs delicacy to look
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Sell from the part the sale status of 11 golden weeks looks this year, unit price is in 4000-6000 yuan platen washing machine is become advocate sell a product; What from each manufacturer autumn releases this year is new article in light of, gao Xi of ”“ of high capacity of ” of “ inclined platen, “ appears than ” completely already predominate. Apparent, no matter consumer still is a manufacturer, the attention of product of the high end in be opposite is spent taller and taller. Today, the washing machine of rolls out newly September high capacity platen that net of home appliance of 10 thousand dimension gives everybody to recommend a beauty, look together.

On the exterior, this beautiful ease still the black that MG70-1205BF is used is popularity very nearly most is moved as mass-tone, lines of tie-in black ground, in the swim of special accord with, believe to be able to gain many favour that like modern youth. 85×45 exceeds big LCD to be in a poor light liquid crystal displays screen in vain, the working status of OK and clear indication washing machine.

On the function, this have 7kg to exceed large catharsis capacity, be remained to wash clothings to do calm, had it to also wash the trouble of ” more without “ again. This machine sets the catharsis program of 15 kinds of convention such as standard, chemical fibber, cashmere, real silk, help you make the clothing and other articles of daily use that decides fabrics numerous and complicated easily. Return those who set 1-24 hour to make an appointment at the same time time, let you at any time relaxed catharsis. Additionally it still sets 0-1200rpm the dehydration rotate speed of 5 speed, caress clothings effectively.

In addition, it still is had Tong Suo, anti-creasing, prevent dry burn, spill over call the police, cut off the power the many human nature such as memory change detail to design, help you from wash clothes onerously the disengagement in the job comes out. Its can effect comparing is amounted to and abluent than all reaching 1 level, be worth to recommend.

Beautiful MG70-1205BF
The ease of beauty of range of products still series
Produce category rolling-type
Catharsis capacity 7Kg
Swing 0-400-600-800-1000-1200rpm of dry dehydrate speed
82L of rated water consumption
Rated power consumption 1.2 kilowatt / hour
Make an appointment time 1-24 hour
Wash clothes real silk of cashmere of program level chemical fibber washs puissant decontamination underwear quickly mix wash Tong Yi to wash the bucket that eliminate bacterium clean sheet washs sheet of odd platoon bleaching sheet to take off
Main function washs gush to drench full makes an appointment beforehand temperature choice
Water heats power 1800W
Safety lock Tong Suo / door lock
Indication screen LCD(85×45) is in a poor light in vain
Door lock shows
Tong Suo shows
Order process is indicated (gradient shows)
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