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XQB60-07288 of small prodigy of hot Er selling the of great capacity is not wort
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Today, small make up sell an understanding to arrive, widespread attention spends series of sea Er small prodigy taller, among them XQB60-07288 makes work only 1980 yuan, interested friend looks together.

On the exterior, used the silver-colored gray that has feeling of science and technology extremely, additionally the bulk of 520*530*890mm deserves to go up the catharsis capacity of 6.0kg, be more petite. Use prevent rusty surface, do not fear water, cleanness is used more convenient. The bucket is used inside basin shaped big impeller design, deepness is basin shaped and stereo impeller rotates strongly, your current comes back at full speed litre hold a clothings in the palm, avoid clothings and impeller to chafe directly, reduced greatly wear away.

On the function, used from process designing technology, user but the basis needs time of full of proper motion set, immerse, time of catharsis, dehydrate, implementation follows heart catharsis, along with garment catharsis. Computer faintness controls a technology, can feel dress material and clothings automatically how many, determine appropriate water consumption and rotate speed, save worry save labour.

When catharsis, use chute flow, remove twine bilge of clothings of strong break up, concussion, rise effectively abluent than. Set at the same time very Zhong Su washs a program, section water is energy-saving. Float additionally swing 2 syncretic technology, realized full through ad hoc program, swing dry synchronism, wash well, float completely, province water energy-saving.

Additional, pail of its distinctive dry technology, restrain the generation of black mould effectively.

Sea Er XQB60-07288
Small prodigy of range of products
Produce category impeller type
Catharsis capacity 6Kg
Dehydration capacity 6.0Kg
50L of rated water consumption
Make an appointment time 2-24 hour
Wash clothes program from process designing technology:  of ㄆ of Zan of orangutan of pregnant of  of Ping of Dang of  of the sieve that do not have Э is achieved ask? immerses, time of catharsis, dehydrate, implementation follows heart catharsis
Catharsis power 380W
Dehydration power 260W
Inside canister material stainless steel
The appearance designs silver-colored gray outward appearance
Exterior dimension 520*530*890mm
Product weight 33Kg
Other parameter very Zhong Su is washed, section water is energy-saving
Chute current, sea Er 100 change washing machine
Float swing 2 syncretic technology, realized full through ad hoc program, swing dry synchronism, wash well, float completely, visit water again energy-saving
Other characteristic bucket is dry technical function: Restrain the generation of black mould effectively

The editor comments on: XQB60-07288 of small prodigy of this sea Er, the even when the exterior provides science and technology to feel extremely, used computer faintness to control a technology at the same time, save worry save labour. Additional, chute current, float swing 2 syncretic technology, very Zhong Su is washed wait for a function to design, more report of section water section. Present price is 1980 yuan only, interested friend mights as well go selling look.
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