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Xi Menzi Silver1095
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Today, small make up everybody to introduce spirit of platen of standard of a Xi Menzi the classical product —Silver1095 in interesting series, interested friend does not want to miss.

On the exterior, follow consistent style of Xi Menzi, use argent and linear model design, concise and easy and science and technology feels dye-in-the-wood. LED of type catharsis condition, function key is embedded to show inside, make you OK process of catharsis of more intuitionistic understanding.

On the function, 15 kinds of groovy catharsis programs, satisfy you the catharsis demand of different fabrics clothings; Additional, cent agrees all sorts of catharsis order freedom, satisfy the catharsis requirement of your individuation; Exceed fast catharsis order, make you OK follow change along with wash, expend “say Goodbye” with exalted water and electricity thoroughly.

Besides, still set puissant decontamination function, make you better answer dirtier clothings; Ad hoc additional full function, full is more complete, be far from washing powder allergy. Additional, it still has Jing Yin, midway to add the detail such as the garment to install, remove thoroughly the trouble back at home that you wash clothes.

Xi Menzi Silver1095
Produce category rolling-type
Catharsis capacity 5.2Kg
Wash clothes 15 kinds of computer optimize the program catharsis program
Bubble of bubble induction system detects automatically
Exterior dimension 600*560*860mm
Garment of other parameter * measures self check system
* bubble detects automatically
* is anti-creasing avoid very hot
* puissant decontamination
* additional full

The editor comments on: Interesting Silver1095 of this Ximen Ziling, the exterior is concise, the function is powerful and practical. Additional, still have multinomial and considerate detail design, remove thoroughly the trouble back at home of your catharsis. Can effect comparing reachs one level, it is a more energy-saving product.

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