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Autumn of home appliance common sense decorates home appliance to install a note
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Autumn is the gold season that decorate, had greeted now decorate a height. The house in the home has been decorated, the power source that enough circuitry did not bury beforehand before because be being decorated,discovering a lot of electric equipment however or obligate are enough the position and cannot install. To avoid such problem, what item should home appliance notice before decorate? Professional personage is asked to be carried to you below wake.

Microwave oven freezer

Obligate of the preparation when repairing gives alone line

The power input of freezer, microwave oven is bigger, this asks its power supply cord must be used alone, lest mix,other electric equipment is used at the same time and produce tripping operation, cut off the power.

Obligate wants to give alone line before the room, at the same time of cop find a place for should maintain a distance with kitchen burning gas, avoid the contact of cop and heat source. In addition, although microwave oven is differ,secure in metope, but considering safe problem, had better secure its position, do not want to be put casually, electromagnetism furnace installation also is same principle.

Air conditioning

Hole of good air conditioning is drilled before the preparation when decorating whitewashs

Want to decide the brand of good air conditioning, model before plaster wall, let air conditioning install personnel to had drilled air conditioning hole first, had held the couple of indoor machine at the same time, won't affect so decorate the effect. The position of socket also wants to decide ahead of schedule, had better leave air conditioning a few closer, and be an independent electrical outlet, use apart with other electric equipment.


The preparation when decorating extends fine line of the cloth before the ground

No matter you want not to want a sound, you are best before the sitting room lays the ground cloth fine line, line of AV, video, sound box should consider their respective position beforehand. Once forgot wiring, buy acoustics in the future, of all kinds line can go connective only on the ground, special effect is beautiful.

Washing machine

The obligate catchment, passageway that drink water prepares when decorating

If bought house develops business to had hit good drainage passage, these do not need a consideration, when be about to be being decorated otherwise beforehand aperture had hit. At the same time the power source of socket wants installation to be in dry place, if washing machine wants to put in the bathroom, the power source of washing machine wants 1.2 meters to be apart from the ground, the emplacement of the power source before decorating the position wants to decide.

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