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Electrostatic more dangerous! Washing machine of vigilant family expenses takes
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We know, washing machine works below damp condition. Water is conductor, once damage or the electric parts of an apparatus inside washing machine or wiring are drunk water in catharsis process, washing machine insulation can be destroyed, produce leakage of electricity, this is very dangerous. At the same time electrostatic in the catharsis process that also appears in washing machine constantly with inductive report. Accordingly, once appear electrified phenomenon, answer to stop machine examination instantly. 

 One,  of leakage of electricity

Above all, should deciding according to place of leakage of electricity is catharsis fluid electrified or housing is electrified, search electrified reason  next

1, the liquid inside the bucket is electrified 

The liquid inside the bucket is electrified, it is impeller axle and electrified place photograph connect more, namely reducer and electrified place photograph connect cause. The installation means of washing machine electric machinery has two kinds: One kind is join of bolster plate of the triangle on electric machinery and box is secured; One kind is will electric machinery and wash clothes the bucket is bottom, through bracket join is secured. They are filled up of balata, rise to be isolated from and decrease display vigour to use at the same time. Will tell commonly, although the insulation of electric machinery is destroyed, crust is electrified, also should not make impeller axis electrified. But, once a water of main shaft is lax, slack will make main shaft and electric machinery crust guide, make main shaft electric, in the liquid that travels washing tube and electrified. At the same time the water inside the bucket outside catharsis and photograph of catchment a powerful person connect, build together when catchment a powerful person and electrical wiring, encounter electrical wiring damaged to show cupreous phenomenon, also can appear the liquid inside the bucket is electrified, enough attention should be caused when the overhaul. Altogether, the liquid inside the bucket is electrified the insulation case that should examine parts of an apparatus of the report below the bucket mainly and slack phenomenon, until remove trouble till. 

2, housing is electrified 

Contact the crust of washing machine with test pencil, test pencil gives off light, explain crust is electrified. This is very dangerous, because test pencil is opened brightness the lowermost voltage when is 60, 90V, the tension that explains crust is electrified has installed full voltage 36V more than. The washing machine of this kind of circumstance cannot be used absolutely, must fish reason removes trouble of leakage of electricity. 

Leather damaged, copper cash is bare. Washing machine rear cover can be opened when the overhaul, the interior lines with careful interior examination, whether to have electrical wiring damaged, take the derivative line of heart electric machinery particularly. The insulation with the derivative due and very good line of electric machinery is protected, the copper cash that contact manages cannot appear, lest be contacted with casing,cause casing electrified. Here should not explain especially, electric machinery is derivative line should prolapse forms certain radian, the water that can avoid electrical wiring to go up enters interior of electric machinery stator directly, in order to assure the insulation property of electric machinery. 
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