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Long clean how correctly with washing machine inside bucket and disinfection
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Look suddenly inside washing machine very clean, but wash clothes there still is a sleeve outside the canister, wash clothes water is among this two interlining flow back and forth, time grows, can adhere to in interlining much dirt. These bilge pollute clothings 2 times badly when wash clothes not only, still endanger human body health.

Accordingly, we need to often wash washing machine, and undertake disinfection. Generally speaking, after the washing machine that buys newly uses half an year, every other 3 two months with respect to should clean disinfection.

Metalloid inside the washing machine of bravery is put contain effective chloric 300ppm ~ 500ppm (Ppm namely 1/1000000) aqueous solution, open 5 minutes of back row use up 3 minutes of ~ . Washing machine of the bravery inside the metal puts content to be 0.5% ~ the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem of 1% 2 aldehyde solution immerses 10 minutes 15 minutes of back row use up ~ . Because mould is right temperature is very sensitive, the survival rate in the water in 35 ℃ is very low already, it is almost in the hot water of 45 ℃ 0, the hot water that uses 45 ℃ so cleans Yi Ke to exterminate mould effectively.

The clean note of washing machine

1, deposit the place that knowing airing dry quite, avoid to deposit in toilet.

2, next outfall must conduit of prep above catchment, cannot be water remain inside drainpipe.

3, unused moment wants filter bag pick air outside, make it sufficient and dry.

4, wash the dress to take air immediately, must not be frowzily inside.

5, wash the dress to the platoon is used up and must drive the water in washing machine Gai Liang to work, lest rudimental water is inside machine form

Into microbial progenitive ground.

6, after catchment conduit has been being used every time, had better rinse with clean water.

7, after the washing machine that the top opens the door has been used, want to use dry dishcloth to wipe its in-house water, the washing machine that side opens the door

Wipe the water in enchasing the gasket in the doorway even besides, lest cause mould.

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