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Xiaochang knows: Do you know? Washing machine also wants diligent bathe
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Wash clothes there still is a sleeve outside the canister, wash clothes water is in circumfluence will drip among this two interlining. If pull sleeve, can see the bilge in interlining is very serious. Especially section water side opens the door washing machine, as a result of whole wash clothes the process is used only 65 - 75 kilograms of water and can add lukewarm, because this is polluted,open the door than the top more serious. The dirt that these bilge take by the organic matter of the cellulose of the educt of the furring in tap water, washing powder, clothings, human body and clothings and bacterium are comprised, firm ground is added in the interlining of washing machine, progenitive in normal temperature, ferment, when washing clothes pollute clothings 2 times badly, will endanger human body health.

For this, expert proposal, after the washing machine that buys newly uses half an year, after reaching, 3 months use every other special cleaner washs washing machine.

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