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Use skill: How does ability part water save washing machine report
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1. is washed after dip first. Before catharsis, immerse clothings in scour first 10-14 minute, make the bilge on scour and dress effective, next again catharsis.

2. Color separation catharsis, first shallow hind deep. The dress of different color is washed apart, wash neatly not only, also wash quickly, wash than lump can shorten the time of 1/3.

3. First Bao Houhou. General quality of a material is thin fabric of soft chemical fibber, silk, 45 minutes can be washed clean, and the cotton with thicker quality of a material, woollen wants 10 come minute of ability is abluent. Thickness is washed respectively wash than lump can shorten effectively the locomotive time of washing machine.

4. Nominal capacity. If catharsis quantity is too little, electric energy is used up for nothing; Conversely, wash too much, can increase time for washing not only, still can create movement of electric machinery excess load, increased power consumption to make electric machinery damages easily again already.

5. Water consumption moderate. Water quantity is too much, can increase wave dish hydraulic, the burden of aggravating electric machinery, increase power consumption; Water quantity is too little, the fluctuation that can affect the dress when catharsis again flips through, increase time for washing, make power consumption increases.

6. Master time for washing correctly, avoid invalid action. Of the dress abluent degree how, basically concern with the breed of the bilge degree of the dress, scour and chroma, and be the same as time for washing and do not become direct ratio. Exceed formulary time for washing, abluent degree also won't have rise greatly, and electric energy was expended for nothing however.

7. The leather belt of mix up washing machine. Leather belt skids, become loose, electric current is not reduced, and wash clothes the effect is poor; Tone tightens the leather belt of washing machine, can restore original efficiency already, report of won't much waste time.

8. The course is reasonable. After clothings washed a head to all over, had better swing its dry, squeeze sewage, such full when can shorten time, and can section water omits report.

9. Wash clothes had better use the method that centers catharsis.

Namely a pail of scour washs a few batches of clothings continuously, scour can be added appropriately, after be being washed entirely again rinse of one by one.

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