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Life clew: Washing machine had better match what kind of washing powder
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A lot of people think washing powder bubble exceeds much decontamination power stronger, actually this is a kind of misunderstanding. The exterior activator that washing powder decontamination basically is it is effective, activator of a lot of surfaces has better epispastic sex, but also have bubble of activator of a few surfaces very few, because more or less this bubble follows decontamination force,do not have immediate impact.

With washing machine catharsis had better use low bubble to condense washing powder, because use tall bubble washing powder to make bubble spills over easily, additional, bubble can reduce the attrition between clothings, reduce decontamination force thereby. But when using a hand to wash means, to satisfy the use habit of average person, can choose the washing powder with much bubble.

Additional, accurate use method can make washing powder achieves first-rate catharsis result, and wrong usage not only influence catharsis effect, still can produce undesirable effect to clothings. When for instance some consumer wash the dress, go to the dress throw in water, scatter a few washing powder, also not divide evenly of washing powder agitate, will deliquescent, such not deliquescent washing powder are stuck on the dress, time grew to be able to cause the clothings see things in a blur that washs, because minim brightening gent is contained in washing powder,this is, long local chroma crosses tall be caused by.

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