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Wash clothings with washing machine what how ability washs is cleaner?
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Incoming telegram of reader plum lady says, she cleans clothings with washing machine, discover clean effect is not quite ideal occasionally. Want to consult an expert to make machine wash the small doohickey with cleaner dress.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, a lot of people think to wash clothings with washing machine, wash detergent washing ungodliness can take orders from at the machine. Actually otherwise, on existing foundation, consumer still can make great efforts from the following respects: Above all, catharsis capacity wants leave some leeway, the actual catharsis quantity of impeller type washing machine is nominal capacity 80% , the actual catharsis quantity of platen washing machine is nominal capacity 60% when, catharsis effect is optimal; Next, catharsis temperature wants appropriate. Condense model scour is contained more enzymatic, first-rate water is warm it is 30 ~ 40 ℃ , can develop enzymatic catalytic active at this moment optimal; The 3rd, immerse time wants to assure. To produce the effect of activator of the interface in scour better, after 10 ~ immersing 20 minutes in had better putting clothing and other articles of daily use catharsis liquid, wash again; The 4th, scour wants right amount. Put scour overmuch, bring about full easily sordid.

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