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Home appliance little common sense: Washing machine choose and buy " 3 not "
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Cannot ignore model connotation

An our classics regular meeting sells to see in home appliance, the washing machine model of a lot of brands is XQB-XXXXX, the resemblance with striking structure, so what meaning do this have after all?

Know washing machine of choose and buy for convenient and broad consumer, each enterprise united a standard to provide model to the product by home:

The symbol that discharges the first " X " show washing machine; "T " spin-drier. Discharge the 2nd " P " common model; "B " semi-automatic model; "Q " full automatic model. The 3rd " B " impeller type; "G " rolling-type; "D " agitate type. The 4th is catharsis capacity. The 5th is manufacturer design serial number. The 6th is structural type code name, "S " represent double container opportunity, odd bucket machine not mark.

For example: XQB40 - 33 model, means catharsis capacity 4 kilograms impeller type is full automatic washing machine, manufacturer design serial number is 33 model; XPB55 - 3S, means catharsis capacity 5.5 kilograms impeller type is common model double container washing machine, namely common double crock machine, manufacturer design serial number is 3 model; XQG50 - 2 model, means catharsis capacity 5 kilograms rolling-type is full automatic washing machine, manufacturer design serial number is 2 model; T20 - 3 model, means dehydrate capacity 2 kilograms spin-drier, manufacturer design serial number is 3 model.

Not material of less than bucket distributes stand or fall

The material of the bucket is not inside those who say stainless steel is certain good, actually plastic have a lot of kinds, material of a lot of high polymer does not compare steel material petty gain, durable sex is not as poor as stainless steel also.

Salesman meets those who say stainless steel compare for certain when the introduction plastic inside the bucket is good, average person also is met so think. And the washing machine of the bucket inside stainless steel is compared commonly now plastic inside of the bucket should expensive, it is it doesn't matter really the washing machine that necessary blame buys the barrel inside stainless steel.

Need not value dry garment weight too

Catharsis capacity represented the catharsis capacity of washing machine, the catharsis capacity interval of the mainstream goes to 7 kilograms in 5 kilograms probably between. General capacity of 3 catharsis of washing machine of domestic choose and buy is 5 - 6 kilograms or so, 4 home chooses 6 - 7 kilograms or so can. The washing machine that contains stoving function additionally its " stoving capacity " also have referenced value very much.

When the salesman in bazaar introduces washing machine, want to mention you to want to buy the washing machine of weight of how many kilograms of dry garment 100 percent, the result lets everybody choose rise, think even if be chosen according to dry garment weight like. In fact, the dry garment weight of washing machine does not have how old real referenced value, because the sort of clothings is too much really, be not measured can simply in order to do garment weight, we should not pay close attention to this too much on one hand, and should put in other side.
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