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Home appliance common sense: How to maintain does washing machine ability prolon
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Average user thinks, of washing machine maintain no more than is gone later wipe up, air can. Actually this is far insufficient. Washing machine is put in two kinds of condition -- working status and non operating state. Accordingly, of washing machine maintain also answer to undertake below these two kinds of condition.

Below working status, of washing machine maintain should notice the following:

1, when use washing machine, answer to be operated according to the operation instruction handbook of washing machine as far as possible.

2, to user residence hydraulic the demand with reach voltage to also have particular. The control center of washing machine is computer board, and the working status with computer best board is voltage in 180V, between 230V when. When use washing machine, the requirement is hydraulic cannot too low, because hydraulic too low, slow meeting affects running water to reach the service life of electric machinery into water a powerful person. The user of high-level residence should avoid to use washing machine in the fastigium that use water as far as possible.

3, should use washing machine inside catharsis capacity of the regulation as far as possible. Because, catharsis capacity crosses congress to increase the burden of electric machinery, lower the service life of washing machine.

4, clothings of catharsis of use hot water, water is warm should not exceed 45 ℃ , injure washing machine canister in case.

Below non operating state, of washing machine maintain should notice the following:

1, after using washing machine, wipe crust, open a lid, let water evaporate, those who protect washing machine is dry.

2, the space that does not put washing machine in moisture as far as possible. If domestic living condition is finite, the area that can put park moisture only (be like) of toilet, bathroom, what also should keep good is ventilated.

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