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Make sure the machine works normally washing machine does not exceed quantity ca
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In washing machine manual rated wash clothes quantity, it is to point to in make sure the machine works normally and the premise of catharsis effect falls, the greatest weight of the dry dress that can wash.

If devoted clothings is overmuch, more than washing machine is rated wash clothes quantity, the bear when electric machinery job can be increased, temperature rises quickly, can shorten thereby the service life of electric machinery; Or because of electric machinery overload moves, locomotive speed is decelerated, play loose drive tape, can make transmission belt skids even. Additional, clothings is overmuch, twine each other wring together, do not retroflexion in washing tube (below normal circumstance, clothings is minutely inside washing tube roll 15 times) , retroflexion far from even, it is float floats in surface top spin only, between the dress, friction is abate between the dress and catharsis fluid or bucket wall, get power not all, short of is kneaded duely, rub, rinse, even rinse equivalent fruit.

Apparently look, put a few dresses more than to be able to save time, washing powder, water, but actually the bilge on clothings was not washed, or wash the clothes that give clean degree not divide evenly, hair " flower " , serious when still need to be washed again, create the waste of time, materially instead.

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